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Nizhny Novgorod Linguistic University

Advanced Russian Course

Course Description: It is designed to give a student the confidence to communicate effectively in real life situations. This course totals 16 hours of tuition per week and takes place on weekday mornings. Educational materials are supplied to students and the focus is on the grammar peculiarities, situational comprehension, modern language communication, thematic vocabulary and pronunciation tricks. All skills are developed on the cross-cultural bases.

Content (Monthly 64 hours)

  •  8 hours in grammar and functions

  • 10 hours in vocabulary development

  •  8 hours in reading and writing

  •  18 hours in listening

  •  20 hours in conversational practice

Tasks: The course tasks for this course are the following:

  •  to continue development of oral fluency and pronunciation

  •  to enhance knowledge of grammar and functions

  •  to develop basic negotiating skills

  •  to develop understanding the Russian language and culture environment

  •  to explore situations of everyday vocabulary, phrases and idioms

  •  to develop reading skills on the bases of authentic Russian texts

  •  to develop writing techniques in various professional fields including business correspondence

  •  to practice conversational skills and share culture insides

 Outcomes: On essential completion of the program, participants will gain the following:

  •  contextual oral language skills

  •  an extension of the modern language vocabulary

  •  effective reading and writing skills

  •  more efficient listening skills and telephone communications

  •  greater oral fluency and confidence







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