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Nizhny Novgorod Linguistic University

Basic Russian Course


Our programs are designed to give a student basic knowledge they need to be able to function and communicate effectively in Russia. Russian Course can be studied separately or in association with specialized training. We advise our students to use a possibility to develop or perfect their proficiency in different aspects of Russian language


Levels :Each student is carefully tested on the first morning of the course, and then placed in the appropriate level:

  •  Beginners

  •  Elementary

  •  Intermediate

  •  Upper intermediate

  •  Advanced

Class size: Students have an opportunity to choose between individual or group studies. Classes of 5 to 7 students form a natural, friendly and comfortable atmosphere for studies. Also, we can offer one-to-one classes that provide a tailor-made training at the highest level of quality, intensity and individuality.

Self study: Students are provided with the following educational recourses for self training and research:

  •  Profound Internet access

  •  Russian library recourses

  •  English library recourses

  •  French library recourses

  •  German library recourses

Cultural program: The cultural program includes an initial city tour and a choice of excursions at weekends. It is also can be a part of field studies or academic tours. A sample cultural pack includes:

  •  Observing tour around Nizhniy Novgorod and the region

  •  Cultural events twice a month (theaters, museums, galleries, ballet and etc.)

  •  Introduction to historical and religious treasury of Nizhny Novgorod and the region (visiting churches, monasteries, cathedrals and etc.)

  •  Arts and crafts

  •  Tailor made cultural program

  •  Transport support

  •  Professional English-speaking guide

Basic Russian (Intensive course)   Course Description This course totals 20 hours of tuition per week and takes place on weekday mornings. Educational materials are supplied to students and the focus is on the essentials of grammar, comprehension, vocabulary and pronunciation. The course is designed to develop all 4 language skills, and to increase trainees' knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. Cultural awareness is also taught. The Basic Russian Course can be a springboard from which trainees can progress to more specialized training. The course is available at various levels, from absolute beginner to advance.                                                                           Content (Monthly 80 hours):

  •  32 hours in grammar and functions

  •  16 hours in vocabulary development

  •  16 hours in reading and writing

  •  8 hours in listening

  •  8 hours in conversational practice

 Tasks: The course tasks for this course are the following:

  •  to develop oral fluency and pronunciation

  •  to present and practice grammatical structures and functions

  •  to explore situations of everyday vocabulary, phrases and idioms

  •  to develop reading skills on the bases of authentic Russian texts

  •  to develop various writing techniques

  •  to practice conversational skills and share culture insides

 Outcomes On essential completion of the program, participants will gain the following:

  •  an increased knowledge of the Russian grammar

  •  an extension of general vocabulary

  •  more effective reading and writing skills

  •  more efficient listening skills

  •  greater oral fluency and confidence





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