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Nizhny Novgorod City

Nizhny Novgorod



Nizhny Novgorod is one of the largest cities in Russia with the population about 2 millions. It is situated about 250 miles east of Moscow and offers insights into life in Russia's heartland.

Historically, Nizhny Novgorod was a commercial hub of Russia, located at the strategic confluence of the Oka and Volga rivers. This favorable geographic location promoted Nizhny Novgorod as one of the trade and historical center of Russia. UNESCO has added the city to the worlds Top-100 list of cities having international significance.


Sightseeing in Nizhny Novgorod  The Kremlin The Kremlin Ensemble is the central part of the ancient city which occupies a relatively small territory on the dominating hill at the confluence of the Oka and the Volga rivers.


The total area of N.Novgorod exceeds 200 sq. mi. The city is divided into two halves by the Oka river. The historical center  of the city lies on a hill on the eastern bank of the Oka river, while the newer, industrial side lies to the west Over its eight-century history the city has jointed together a wide variety of architectural styles. At present, Nizhny Novgorod is a welcoming modern large city with a well developed infrastructure and profound recreation facilities.


The first wooden fortress was built here in 1221- this is meant to be the city foundation year. The walls that now exist date as far back as 1500 - 1511. Construction of the Kremlin wall on the steep hillside was initiated by the Italian architect Peter Friazin. During the XVI century the Kremlin endured 4 sieges. Eleven of the original thirteen towers have survived.


The Archangel Michael Cathedral is the focal piece of the Kremlin Ensemble. It is surrounded by several administrative buildings of local and federal governments.

There is the Governor's former house and from 1990 it accommodates the Art Museum with a splendid collection of icons, paintings and sculptures. Along the Kremlin Wall, there is outside exhibition of military equipment produced in N.Novgorod during the World War II.


There is a fine Concert Hall in the right wing of the local Administration building, the place where annual A.D.Sakharov International musical festival is held. Minin and Pozharsky Square The empty place in the front of the Kremlin Wall is the citys central square, where the city special events and festivities take place. There are monuments in honor of past and present heroes and the main streets are coming off the square. Bolshaia Pokrovskaia Street Bolshaia Pokrovskaia Street, casually named Pokrovka, connects Minin and Pozharsky Square with Gorky Square and crosses the historical center. Bolshaia Polrovskaia is the major pedestrian street, a favorite place for strolling and shopping. It takes approximately half an hour to cover the distance from the Kremlin to Gorky Square if you do not stop for shopping. Today, the street is remarkable for its architecture. Most buildings date back to the nineteenth or the very beginning of the twentieth century.  

Nizhny Novgorod Fair

The fair's Main Building, an example of   the Russian Style, dates back to       1896, when an All-Russian Trade and      Industry Exhibition was held in         Nizhny Novgorod. The Main House          is an architectural landmark of the     city. The majority Russian and        International forums and exhibitions       are held there. Thus it is promoting         N. Novgorod Business and Industry         not only within Russia but all around      the world. Today it houses about            20 exhibitions   and forums per year.




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