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Due to the program I got a job in Moscow Jennifer 21 y.o. (US)

I made good friends with Russian students Carol 19 y.o. (US)

I managed to enter Russian university. Thanx to my tutor Olga Hamish, 24 y.o. (NZ)

Russian Language and Culture (RLC) is designed

for international students who want to pursue a career related with business in Russia or to understand Russian culture and mentality from inside. It is a program with strong intercultural perspectives and opportunities.                                                 

The RLC program is offered in fall, spring, academic year     and summer time frames .                                                 

 RLC is an integrated program consisting of class hours,filed studies and study tours in Nizhny Novgorod and Volga region.

Every course is prefaced by a placement test and then   a student is placed in a suitable teaching environment                           

 Careful monitoring of a students progress is an integrated  part of the RLC Attending of regular lectures in Russian on    the desired majors at the advance level of training In addition, the program will enhance students general qualifications by  adding intercultural aspects to their studies.

Program objectives:

A solid knowledge of Russian language with a focus 

on   culture in Russia, the worlds largest single market

An understanding of the realities of Russian culture  and history

International application of your basic skills in    various professional fields

Broad intercultural competence

This combination of knowledge and intercultural skills is in  a great demand in the global job market and will enhance your  after college job opportunities in the Russian business related spheres.

Our approach to teaching

The aim is comprehensive culture-based language   training, taking all four major elements of  communication into account listening, speaking,   reading, and writing. Role play, picture work, prepared topics,situational dialogs,simulated telephone conversations, realistic project assignments, varied   and diversified exercises in the use of language as well as listening and reading comprehension, interesting and attractive grammar      and vocabulary work help the student assimilate all aspects        of the Russian language. Pronunciation, conversation,      grammar and vocabulary are taught specifically in the context. Students take an active part in the classes,where every effort is made to get them to speak and fluently and write with     accuracy. Non-academic indoor and outdoor activities play  a significant role in the academic flow.





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