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Donetsk State Medical University

Faculties of the University

The education is provided in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English

  • General Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing
As a great emphasis is laid on training highly qualified specialists who combine a profound knowledge of their latest achievements in medicine at top professional level, the Medical University has gained an excellent reputation as one of the best medical educational centers of Ukraine. Over the past few years the Donetsk State Medical University graduates have achieved  top results in the state  license test examination .Krok 2. (.Step .2.), organized by the State Testing Center.  The said results are 10-20% higher than those shown by graduates from other medical Universities of Ukraine. Representatives of Education and Health Ministries in Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and India consider the DSMU graduates the best qualified among those who have been educated abroad, Europe and North America being included.

 The University students major in the following specialties:
 Training at the University is done in the Ukrainian, Russian and English languages.
 After six years of studies at the Medical University the graduates specializing in General Medicine are awarded with a GP-Specialist Diploma. On having successfully served their internship or specialized clinical course, the graduates obtain a narrow specialization in a particular field of medicine.
 During the first two years the University students acquire knowledge in various fundamental medical subjects: anatomy, physiology, histology, biochemistry, microbiology, etc. Since the third academic year, they start their training at special (clinical) departments of therapy, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, oncology, infectious diseases, endocrinology, ophthalmology, skin diseases, etc.
 The course of studies at the Faculty of Pediatrics lasts six years. First, students start learning medico-biological subjects, and senior students take up propedeutics of children's diseases, pediatric surgery, children's infectious and other diseases at special departments, mastering the skills of pediatric specialties. The graduates start their professional careers as doctor-pediatricians and get specialized in some specific fields on having completed the internship or special clinical course.
 The duration of studies at the Preventive Medicine faculty is 6 years. The curriculum is similar to the General Medicine Faculty. Besides, the students take studies on epidemiology and various hygienic subjects. The graduates start working as doctors at sanitary-epidemiological institutions, as practical epidemiologists, occupational pathologists, or continue research into hygiene and epidemiology at different Research centers.
 The first and second year students study medico-biological and medical subjects, next they master their would-be profession at the following departments of dentistry: propedeutical, restorative, surgical, prosthetics and pediatric dentistry. Throughout the five years of training the graduates are awarded with diplomas of qualified dentists and after completing the chosen specialization courses (internship or special clinical courses) they acquire the specialty of dental therapists, surgeons or orthopedists.
 The Pharmaceutical Faculty graduates obtain the qualification of pharmacists and can work at chemists shops, various research centers or in pharmacy industry. Throughout their first three years at the University, the students of this faculty study fundamental medical subjects. During the fourth and fifth academic years they specialize in pharmacy.
 To enter the Nursing Faculty one should have a secondary medical education certificate. The University graduates who has specialized in nursing are awarded with diplomas of nurse-bachelors and can work as head nurses of paramedical work organizers.
 At the Preparatory Faculty for foreign students they are taught Russian, biology, physics and chemistry. During the first examination season ( in the winter ), every student should take an examination in Russian language, whereas the knowledge of all other subjects introduced throughout the first academic year is measured by the end of the second term- during the summer examination period. On having successfully passed their examinations the students may continue their education either at the chosen faculty of the Donetsk State Medical University, or at any other higher medical education institution.





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