Lomonosov Moscow State University

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Educational System and Programmes
Moscow State University provides a wide range educational services and educational programs. It has established modern educational programs in all basic areas of research and education. The educational system of the University is designed to give a student deep understanding of fundamental disciplines combined with specialization in the applied and concrete scientific problems.

Most of the University faculties teach domestic students according to the Specialist program (5 years) and grant Specialist Diploma. International students are offered Bachelour (4 years full time) and Master programs (2 years full time). A number of our faculties train both domestic and international students according to Bachelour and Master programs with granting Bachelour and Master diplomas.


A number of our faculties train both domestic and international students according to Bachelour (4 years full time) and Master (2 years full time) programs with granting Bachelour and Master diplomas.

Each faculty offers Master studies (MA/MSc) for BA/BSc degrees holders from other universities. Please note that to pursue Master degree you should have Bachelour degree in the related field.

MA/MSc Degree holders wishing to pursue PhD Degree are welcome to apply for Doctoral studies (3 years) which are open at all of the faculties. Topics for doctoral projects are listed in each faculty information.

PhD holders may pursue a Doctor of Science Degree. Please, contact International Students Office for information on the topics offered.

Other Programs for International Students

Courses of different type and duration, pre-university programmes, various specialized courses including teachers' and researchers' qualification advancement studies as well as courses of Russian language, history and culture of Russia are open for international students.


Russian Language courses are very popular. You may start any time having any language proficiency. You may choose the intensity and duration of your language studies.

Training at the University is conducted in Russian. Those wishing to take a full course of studies or one-year training at one of the core faculties but do not speak Russian are invited to preparatory course at the Center for International Education.

Moscow State University offers a number of special programs for groups of students from foreign universities. These programs may last from one semester to one year. Students may choose to pass exams in the courses they take. Classes may be conducted in a foreign language.

For visiting scholars we offer programs with an individual curriculum which could be confirmed by their home University if necessary.


Summer schools

Traditional summer schools of Moscow State University annually attract an ever growing number of people. The schools' curriculum covers a wide range of subjects from Russian language study to the study of laser technologies, fundamental medical studies and other areas of modern science. Please contact the chosen faculty for the information on summer schools.


International Links

The University closely cooperates with the leading international organizations including UNESCO and The World Bank. It is a member of various international associations and has concluded more than 190 exchange, research and cooperation agreements with universities on all continents. Moscow State University is also the centre of cooperation between the universities of the former USSR. Our Rector, Prof. V.A.Sadovnichy, is the President of the Eurasian Association of Universities.

Many outstanding scholars, public and state leaders of the world have been granted the degrees of Honoured member, Honoured Doctor and Honoured Professor of Moscow State University. Famous German poet J.Goethe, the first prime-minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru, President of the USA Bill Clinton, Norwegian Scientist Thor Heerdaal and many others.