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Pyatigorsk State linguistic university

Address: 10 prosp. kalinina., Pyatigorsk, 357532, Russia

Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University is located in the City of Pyatigorsk, 15 miles from Mineralnye Vody International Airport, that provide a year- round flights connection with major Russian cities as well as Munich in Germany and international airports in Cyprus, Greece, Israel, United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

Pyatigorsk makes home for over 200,000 citizens of local community as well as for over 25,000 vacationers attending hot springs annually , and lies in the heart of a unique Caucasian Mineral Spa resort area . Founded in 1780 as a small settlement , it now has a developed resort facilities infrastructure taking full advantage of the tremendous healing potential of the mineral water and the curative mud of the local lake. Pyatigorsk enjoys a temperate healthful climate with a lot of sunshine in Spring thru Fall and mild Winter. The city is only 50 miles from the Great Caucasian Range of mountains, which offers the best downhill skiing venues in Russia.

The exciting history and rich cultural heritage of this multi-ethnic and multi-language area of South Russia adds greatly to natural attractions of the city. Michael Lermontov and Leo Tolstoy lived and created here their famous Caucasian poems and novels that made treasures of Russian Literature.




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