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Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University

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Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University

is one of the largest Liberal Arts, Linguistic, Educational and Research Centers in South Russia. Pyatigorsk University comprises over 4,800 full-time and part-time students, about 500 post-graduates who pursue advanced academic degree including those working for their PhD degree. University trains for BA and MA degrees, offering majors in Linguistics, Intercultural Communication, Philology, Pedagogies, Psychology, Translation Theory, Theory and Methods of Foreign language teacher training, Russian Language and Literature, Government and Public Administration, Business Management, Public Relations and Journalism.

Over 470 members of the faculty staff  provide students with professional and academic training. About 300 of them  hold PhD level qualification or equivalent professional degree. Nine University Departments carry out broad programs in professional and academic training.

French Department collaborates closely with the educational institutions of France. Together with the Limoges University (France) it provides training of experts on  Intercultural  Communication, Teaching French language as well as international tourism and hospitality service.

 Spanish Department is unique in Russia. Its graduates are able to master in future other Roman languages such as Italian and Portuguese with no difficulty.

Department of the German language has developed close links with the Goethe Institute and other higher educational establishments in Germany offering intensive training of future school teachers and experts in intercultural communication.

The objectives of the Department of English and Department of Practical Psychology are to provide students with the excellent knowledge of the English language and psychology to ensure their future high competitiveness as secondary school teachers and psychologists.

Department of Translation carries out programs of interpreters training in a combination of two selected languages: Arabic/Spanish, English/French, English/Spanish, German/English.

Department of English and German languages is the largest in the University with more then 600 students enrolled who receive here training in both theory and practice of two languages.

Department of Philology offers a high quality education in Russian language and Russian Studies as well as Journalism.

Department of Government and Public Administration provides its graduates with quality education in  State and Local Government service as well as Business Management. Two foreign languages are an integral part of the curriculum.

Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University ranks high as a resource center for graduate and post-graduate study. Its 15 departments offer Ph.D. level programs in Russian History, Economics, Ontology, Russian and World Literature, Germanic and Roman Languages, Pedagogics, Theory and Methods of Education, Social and Political Studies, Ethnopolitical  Conflicts, National and Political Processes and Technologies.

The University is the major research and development center in the Northern Caucasus. Regularly various scientific and research conferences, symposias and international congresses are held in the University. PSLU initiated the well-known program Peace in the Northern Caucasus through Languages, Education and Culture.

The University has modern technical teaching tools: satellite TV system, Language labs and modern multimedia computer labs. The unlimited information resources of the Internet are at every students disposal.

The University library holds more than

700,000 volumes including 9,250 volumes of educational and reference books in foreign languages. The library also possesses a unique collection of books in the Art of Speech Communication (1466 volumes), presented by the Southwest Texas State University, USA.

There are three main University buildings, two assembly halls, two cinema halls, three gyms. The campus also comprises five comfortable student dormitories, cafeterias, students health center and a swimming pool.

The University infrastructure includes also the Center of Information and Educational Programs, The Institute of Additional Academic Programs, the Institute of Continuing Education, the Department of International Relations.

The Department of International Relations is in charge of students and teachers education in the countries which languages are taught in the University. It also coordinates the international students community and programs at the University. Since 1967 when the first international students came to PSLU, the University has been offering academic programs  tailored for international students to include Preparatory Course (1year), Undergraduate Program (BA degree,4 years), Full-time specialization course (5 years), Master Program (MA degree, 1-2years), Post-Graduate Education School (3 years).

International students who do not speak Russian can polish their Russian skills at a special one-year preparatory course, and upon accomplishment they can continue their studies at any of PSLUs Departments. Currently international students from the Japan, USA, Germany, Poland, Sierra Leone, South Korea, Lebanon, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Pakistan are doing various courses in PSLU.






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