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Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy

Admission requirements

 Admission to all kinds of tuition is from the 25th of August to the 5th of september;to the preparatory department before the 1st of November. Required documents:

1-copy of educational certificate

 2- health certificate


4- main courses or preparatory department leaving certificate. For post-diploma education - certificate of doctor of medicine .

To all kind of tuition -medical certificate ,9 photos size 4x6 cm.

Type of Education years of study Price per year
preparatory year 1 $1400
Main courses 5 $1800-2000
Post graduation 3-5 $2500
Academic Year for Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy

1- Academic year and calendar Students are responsible for observing the policies, rules and regulations of PSPA. There, in general the expectation that PSPA students will at all times conduct themselves as responsible citizens. Failure to show respect for duly established civil laws or Academy regulations may result in suspension or dismissal from the Academy If a question advises as to the interpretation of a policy or procedure ,a student should consult the Dean or assistant of the Dean.

 A. Undergraduate: The Academic calendar consists of two four-months semesters. As a rule the fall term begins the first week of September, the spring term the second week of February.

B. Graduate : The academic calendar consists of two semesters. As a rule the fall term begins the last week of August, the spring term the last week of January.

C. Examination periods: Undergraduate students have two-weeks period of exams at the end of the fall and spring terms. Graduate students have State Examinations and a research project is required.

2-Conferring of Degree: Master of sciences in Pharmacy.

 3-Requirements for Degree: The obtainment of pass mark in all studied subjects.





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