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Moscow medical Academy

The Medical Faculty Departments of Anatomy and Clinical Medicine, Physical and  Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and  Natural History started  functioning in 1775.

In the period of 1887-1891 a  complex of clinics attached to  the Moscow University Medical  Faculty started functioning in  Devichye Polye (Maiden's Field). At that time it was one of the  best in Europe.

In 1930 the Moscow University Medical Faculty was transformed into the Moscow Medical Institute functioning on its own and comprising the Medical Faculty as well as the Sanitation and Hygiene Faculty. It was the first higher medical school in the world. In 1955 the Institute was given the name of the outstanding Russian scientist Ivan M. Sechenov.

A lot of outstanding figures of Russian medicalscience studied, worked and founded their own scientific schools there, among them S.G.Zybelin, M.Y.Mudrov, N.Y.Sklifosovskiy, N.F.Filatov, V.F.Snegiryov and many others. The Soviet period is marked by formation of large scientific schools of A.I.Abrikosov, N.N.Burdenko, N.A.Semashko, V.H.Vasilenko, and D.A.Zhdanov. Such names as N.I.Pirogov, I.M.Sechenov, S.P.Botkin, A.P.Chekhov are known all over the world.

Today the Academy is a major centre for training, certification and upgrading of medical personnel and pharmacists. Academic studies are closely integrated with the fundamental and applied research, providing highly qualified medical care to the population and promoting the advancement of medical science and pharmaceutics.

studentsThe Academy has created a highly-qualified faculty of Professors, teachers (instructors), scientists and research associates including 4 Members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 74 Members of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, 32 Members of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, 19 Members of the International Higher School Academy.


The Academy employs about 3,000 members of the faculty, research associates and doctors including 300 Professors and 1,000 PhD in Medicine. 

The achievements of the scientists working at the I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy are widely known both in Russia and abroad.

The Moscow Medical Academy intensively develops scientific co-operation with medical research and training centres abroad. It is a member of the World Association of Universities. International, All-Russian intercollegiate scientific congresses, conferences, symposia and seminars are regularly organized by the Academy or with its support. A number of well-known scientists of the MMA participate as specialists and experts in the work of the UN, WHO and UNESCO bodies.

In the national history of higher medical educational institutions, the Academy has been the first found totally new faculties. After two (three) years of study, the best students of the Academy and other medical institutes of Russia may continue their education at the Faculty for Research and Teaching Staff Training. Working by individual curricula under supervision of the leading scientists of the Academy these students acquire thorough knowledge of the chosen field and skills to do research.

To keep up with the international standards the Academy has also established a new trend in higher medical professional education in Russia the training of nurses with a higher education. The Faculty of Higher Education for Nurses trains specialists with a background in management and teaching.


Research work carried out by the staff members of the Academy's Research Centre as well as doctorants, postgraduate students, practical trainees, physicians and students figures prominently in the activities of the Academy.

Annually about 20 Professor's and more than 100 PhD in Medicine degrees are awarded. Most themes deal with problems of a nation-wide importance, such as development of new methods of preventive treatment, diagnosis and treatment of most common conditions, hygienic norms and environmental protection measures, creating optimal conditions for work and leisure, a rational diet, evolving new drugs and dosage forms, and medical technology studying morphofunctional and biochemical basis of the body's vital activities, working out methodological and methodical aspects of educational and teaching activities.

The Academy is a multi-purpose center where highly specialized medical care is provided in the clinics of Internal Diseases, Therapeutics and Occupational Diseases, Surgery, Otolaryngology, Urology, Dermatovenerology, Nervous and Children Diseases, Psychiatry Maxillofacial Surgery and Stomatology.

The Academy maintains collaborative ties with various international organisations. Among them are the International Association of the University Programmes for Health Management, the World Organisation of National Colleges, Academies and General Practitioners, the American International Alliance on Health Problems, the European Association of Management in Health Care, the World Academy of Medical Education.

Staff members of the Academy work as experts and consultants of the World Health Organisation. The WHO Nursing Centre was set up on the basis of the Academy.

The Academy is an active member of the International Universities Association. On a contract basis it cooperates with 18 foreign educational establishments in ten countries, such as Columbia, Brawn, and Michigan universities in the USA, Philipp Marburg University, Christian Albrecht Kiel University and Munich Technical University in Germany, Rene Descartes University (Sorbonne) and Bordeaux 2 University in France, Oslo University in Norway, Laiden University in the Netherlands and others. Annually over 300 staff members are sent abroad to learn foreign experience and about 400 foreign specialists come to the Academy.

There is also an active exchange of the Academy's students with students from foreign universities and colleges on the basis of international agreements and contracts.

The international reputation of the I. M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy has been confirmed by the high rating obtained in the UNESCO-held university competition. Since 1989 it has been ranked second among the higher medical educational institutions of the world.





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