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Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University

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IIEP Mission Statement
Institute of International Educational Programs (IIEP) of St.-Petersburg State Polytechnic University was established within University as a comprehensive, academic institution of higher learning.
The IIEP's mission is to: organize and control foreign students education in various long-term and short-term programs of higher education in the framework of University academic programs organize and carry out various short-term programs of higher education in foreign languages for foreign students with participation of leading professors of SPbSPU and other St.-Petersburg universities encourage intensive Russian language programs promote Russian higher education widen University academic links

IIEP Academic year
The academic year at IIEP starts on September 1st, lasts from 8 to 10 months and is divided into two sessions: fall and spring (the duration depending on the date of the students arrival from September through November). IIEP caters specifically for international students and it assists them in all aspects of living and studying in Russia. Since 1997 IIEP offers programs for Russian students as well.

Minimum entrance requirements
Entrance into IIEP programs is based on academic performance; intending students should have a proven record and/or certificate of complete secondary education or previous education (BSc, MSc, PhD) as well as medical certificate, birth certificate.
Proficiency in the Russian language for the foundation (preparatory) course is NOT required. At IIEP the students in groups have the same level of language skills. Our language and other subjects placement test determines the appropriate level - not too easy,  not too difficult.





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